To create intergenerational change within families by helping husbands and fathers become the best humans they can be.

Get To Know Me

Hi there my name is Ben Greene, everyone has a story, here is mine.

I have written and rewritten my story countless times, I am ok with that. As a coach, I want to help my clients create their ideal life so when they tell their story, they can be proud of it. I know this is possible because I have been through my own trials and tribulations and I’ve come out on top.

When I used to tell my story, my goal was to tug on your heart strings with a sob story about how hard it was for me growing up with cerebral palsy and not having a mom. After telling this story to myself and others for years, I realized that it was finally time to let go of that story and create a new one.

Working a conventional 9-5 job never worked for me. At 20, I started my first business, a nutrition company that served healthy meals to offices all over Seattle. Although Greene Meals was highly successful, I was unfulfilled. Creating a profitable career I felt passionate about on a daily basis became my highest priority. I refused to spend my life doing work without meaning.

After closing Greene Meals, I thought long and hard about what I loved to do. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was an integral part of my life. My degree is in Exercise and Wellness, so I knew the field well. Becoming a personal trainer was a perfect fit.

For the next nine years, I trained hundreds of clients and made quite a comfortable living. I was generally happy, but something was still missing until I had my “aha” moment: It wasn’t just the physical aspect I enjoyed about training, but the mental aspect, as well. I absolutely loved working with my clients to develop a more positive mindset, and I saw how significantly it carried over into other areas of their lives. Also, it became apparent to me during my years of training how many men benefitted from talking about guy stuff like relationships, careers, family life, taking care of ourselves mentally/physically, and working through problems one-on-one.

Sitting back and letting this sink in was huge! I absolutely loved the mental aspect of training, so I decided to become a men’s life coach! Why a men’s life coach you may ask? I chose this as my area of focus because I believe that men need an outlet to talk about guy stuff and work through all of the problems that we face as men.

After the birth of my first child Levi, my mission to help men became even more focused. My second “aha” was when I knew I wanted to help new fathers and men regain balance in their lives all while becoming the best man, husband and father they can be. When I realized that I was in control of how I wanted to live my life and I didn't have to sacrifice my soul for it, my view on the world changed.

Fatherhood turned my previously stable life upside down, and it opened my eyes to all of my shortcomings and insecurities. If you’d met me within the first few months of having my son, you would have met a very miserable man. I probably would have told you I didn’t like being a dad. The stress it put on my shoulders was crushing me, and it created immense stress in my marriage. The days of sitting around chatting and being playful with my wife seemed to be in the rearview mirror of my mind. Spontaneous sex and dinner dates together were a thing of the past. My mind went dark real quick. I created scenarios of my wife leaving me, just to avoid the pressures of being a new dad and a good husband. I wasn’t sleeping, had no sex drive, and didn’t want to go to the gym. Clearly, I was falling apart. Worst of all, I was suffering in silence.

The situation came to a breaking point. I gritted my teeth, sucked up my pride, and opened up to my wife. In that moment, it seemed like the floodgates of the Hoover Dam had opened. We both had tears in our eyes--hers because she saw my pain and was worried for me; mine because I finally was able to release all of the stress I was holding inside.

After weeks of being disconnected and distant from each other, we came back together as a team. We reconnected over my struggles of being a new dad and our challenges of being new parents together. Once we started talking, I realized that I didn’t hate being a dad and I didn’t dislike my son or my wife. It was something in me that needed to be worked on, which was my fear of being completely loved by these two people. The fear of them loving me and them leaving me was making me subconsciously sabotage myself and my family.

After hundred of hours of self-work, I knew I needed to let go of the past and allow myself to feel the love of my wife and son, and, once and for all, let go of the fear. I realized it was time to rethink my story and let go of what no longer served me.

My new story comes from a place of strength. I am not someone who is struggling; I’m thriving. I am not stagnant; I’m always moving forward. I am not weak minded; I am someone who pushed himself to finish two Ironman Triathlons with sheer will and determination. I am not just a small business owner. I am a successful business owner. I am someone who can accomplish whatever goal I have in front of me.

As a coach, I will help to bring the answers out of you so that you can make your dreams and desires reality. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my life, and I have always come back from them stronger. To make this happen, I have expanded my mental toolbox to include many strategies to help with anxiety and stress management. I can handle whatever else life throws at me. As we work together, I will share these skills and show you how to harness them, as well as the strength you have inside of to reach your full potential.

When I am not coaching, you can find me hanging out with my beautiful and brilliant 🙂 wife Katie and our incredible son Levi at our home on Vashon Island. I am a man of many hobbies, including: bowhunting, all things Tesla, sustainability, trail running, lifting weights and relaxing on the couch with Katie and Levi.







Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.

My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? My specialization will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals.

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
Marcus Aurelius